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We are a full-service advertising agency with strong
creative and media teams.

We have more than 20 years of experience with local and international brands of all industries.

We offer “creative – experience – complete” in order to achieve clients’ marketing goals.

We not only create beautiful visions, we dress your brands right clothes to perform best.

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Tobacco Trading International

We developed a series of marketing activities for the new for Bulgarian market liqueurs Angelli and Kuemmerling.
Herbs liqueur Kuemmerling.
So special! As a long drink, cocktail or as a shot.
Cherry liqueur Angelli - Moments of delight.

Lotaria Bulgaria
Lotaria Bulgaria

Lotaria Bulgaria

The creative team of Art pictures designed many cards in the portfolio of Lottery Bulgaria, some of which participated in the impressive TV show on bTV.



Telelink celebrate its 15 years using innovative and profitable business solutions.


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